2012 Goals

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2012 GOALS

We constantly discuss and work towards goals around here, but we focus on goals and spend an inordinate amount of time talking about them in January. This is a great time of the year to mark the progress of our long-term goals, reprioritize our mid-term goals, or set some new ones all together.

If you are not familiar with a successful goal setting process or you want to review from last year, check out the details from last year’s post on the same topic:

Here are the bullets, or a “Cliff’s Notes” version for you with limited time or reading comprehension… 😉

  1. Identify what you truly value.
  2. Set “SMART” goals in each of these areas of value in your life.
  3. Identify action steps for each goal and make a checklist for action steps.
  4. Prioritize and De-conflict.
  5. Write it down and post it up.
  6. Visualize
  7. (Most importantly) Get to work!

I wanted to share with you my review of 2012 and the goals we had set for last year. I hope that by seeing how much we accomplished as a team in a year, that it would motivate you a little and also get some feedback from all of you for gym goals for 2013. This is your gym and as members I would like you to be a part of where we take things in the future to support your goals. Keep in mind, 2013 will not bring about a 50m lap pool, smoothie bar, and waitresses on roller skates; but if I know where your reasonable expectations are aimed, its easier to try to support your goals.

Here is what we had set out for in 2012, and a report card of how I feel we have done.

1. Add a CF morning class – After surveys and much debate over the time we added the 5:30am class and seen a good amount of success with it. Thanks to Mike and Jamie’s willingness to get up and going with you early risers it has not been uncommon to see a nice big group in the mornings “eating their live frog”. Our first “A” for the year

2. Revise Evening CF schedule – The 6pm timeslot was converted to a regular group class to provide for three different evening options in “prime time” between 5pm and 8pm. Grade: A

3. Add CF Kids class – Jenny and Kelly both received their certification for CF Kids and began running Tuesday and Thursday classes for the kids. The kids are having a blast, and bringing their friends so I think we will see a lot of growth for this activity in 2013. Grade: A+

4. Add Nutrition Coaching – I am a Precision Nutrition certified Nutrition Coach, and although I help members with their nutrition goals, we don’t have a formalized approach to this at Vanguard Gym. I would have to give us a C- on this and would like to bring that grade up for 2013. Please talk to me about nutrition coaching if you are interested in a formal approach and services. Grade: C-

5. Build Competition Teams – Our Martial Arts classes have always had people who competed, but we needed a more formalized approach to organizing and preparing for competitions. As CrossFit evolves into the “Sport of Fitness”, more of our members are interested in taking their fitness training to the next level and competing. Over 2012 we added specific training times, elected team captains, and upped our game overall in the competition arena. Our specific competition teams and captains are:

CrossFit Comp Team – Josh Desmond

MMA Fight Team – Mike Pope

Thai Boxing Fight Team – Reed Miller

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Comp Team – Vinicent Holland

Kids BJJ Comp Team – Christian Banghart

We have been able to go out and represent our team in all aspects of what we do here at Vanguard Gym/CrossFit Manassas in 2012 – pretty awesome! Grade: A

6. Continued Education and Training for Coaches and Staff – all of our coaches have been able to continue to grow and be a better coach for you by participating in our 20-week in-house coaching development course. They have also expanded their expertise in fitness areas by pursuing USAW, CrossFit, and other relevant certifications. Grade: A

7. Expand to support growing CF classes – Once the bakery moved out, we were able to put another hole in the wall and expand an additional 2,500 sq/ft, bringing us to 10,000 sq/ft. The new dedicated, literally world-class CF area was a welcome addition for those 20 person classes in the old space, which was much smaller. The new layout really supports all of our classes, small and large, with dedicated and safe spaces for gymnastics, weights, and general CF shenanigans! As an added bonus, the old space is shaping up into a great weightlifting room and has given us the space to support our competition team to do their extra work. I look forward to developing our Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting teams in 2013; more on this in our “Goals for 2013” discussion. Grade A+

8. Develop New Coaching Staff –we have been able to add four new CF coaches and two new martial arts coaches to our staff this year. On something this important, I am really looking for quality over quantity, and I am very happy with the quality of coaches we developed this year, and I look forward to their continued growth! Grade: A

So these were the major goals we had outlined for the gym this year, and it looks like we’ve done a pretty good job! I would like to thank all of the staff and our awesome members for being such a great team and working together to build such a great community!

In a couple days I will post what I feel the gym’s goals should be for 2013, and from that post, I would also like to get your input. I will also be holding a “Status of the Company” meeting in January. In years past it had only been open to staff, but this year I would like to open it to the members, who are really the shareholders of the gym.