Schedule Changes

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Effective Immediately Kids Martial Arts Kid’s classes will begin at 5:15pm and run until 6:00pm. 5:45pm classes will therefore be pushed back to 6:00pm. See the updated schedule here! Adult Martial Arts Wednesdays at 7:00pm will be No-Gi Grappling. Wrestling classes have been discontinued. 12:00pm Saturdays is Open Mat for all ranks. MMA Team Practice on Saturdays will now begin …

Athlete Profile – Patrick Greenberg

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[team_member members_name=”. . Patrick Greenberg” members_title=”. . . Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Muay Thai” style=”modern” image_path=”” link_to_page=”” description=””] Who is Patrick Greenberg? “I’m a brother, a husband, a technician and an auto mechanic. “ How did you get into Martial Arts and how has it changed your life? “I think like most young children, your parents get you into karate at …

Goal Setting Work Shop

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I have been talking with many of our members about motivation and hitting their goals and it seems like one of the problems many of you all share is the challenge of figuring out what you want your goals to be.  This is across the board, martial artists, CrossFitters, weightlifters, and figure competitors. I have been spending a lot of time …

Rash Guards are HERE!

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If you pre-ordered a rash guard, you can pick them up at the front desk. We will have a few for sale after all of the pre-orders have been claimed. FRIDAY the 6th (THIS FRIDAY) will be the final day for Compression Pant orders.

Advanced BJJ Class back to GI

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    Starting tonight at 7pm, Advanced BJJ will be back in the gi.  We will be starting a new section of the advanced curriculum that deals with defending, countering, and transitioning through all of our basic game.  It’s a black belt approach to the basic curriculum that explores it from both sides, exploring more the connections and flow vs. …