BJJ – Added Classes, Laundry Service, and Comp Team Practices

Douglas Esposito News

New Noon Classes
Starting this week the noon lineup for BJJ will look like this:

Monday – Basic BJJ – All Ranks
Tuesday – No Gi BJJ – All Ranks
Wednesday – Basic BJJ – All Ranks
Thursday – Advanced BJJ – Blue Belts and Up
Saturday (11am) Both Basic and Advanced Classes

Laundry Service
How nice would it be to never have to wash a gi again? Now you can live that dream with our in house Gi laundry service. Drop your gi off on your way out and pick it up clean next time you come in to train. Our introductory price will be $39 a month.

Competition Team
We will be starting dedicated competition team practices on Tuesdays and Fridays – time to pick up your game! Tryouts will be held on November 17th at 8:30pm.

be on time, be prepared, come support your teammates when they’re competing even when you are not, do your best give it your all, give notice when you can’t make it to practice, bring running shoes and sweats, drink a gallon of water a day, know your 8 basic positions, one take down or one way to get to guard from standing, come to practice in a dry/clean gi, listen to the coach.

Mental toughness, Drive, Goal-setting, reaching those goals, team building , Family and improving your game.
Customized game plan for each individual
Big brothers patch with sign up
Comp team patch for after your first competition with the team
1 comp division covered by team

….oh yeah and did we mention that the gi laundry service will be included?

Cost:$59/month in addition to your regular dues. If you have questions, direct them to Coach Christian.