BJJ Curriculum and Adding Classes

Douglas Esposito Coach's Corner, News

Vanguard Gym’s basic BJJ Curriculum is divided into three lessons a week. Ideally lesson one is taught on Monday and Tuesday, lesson two is taught on Wednesday and Thursday, and lesson three is taught on Friday and Saturday. In the past Friday and Saturday Basic BJJ classes have not been well attended so they have faded off the schedule. What this amounts to is that everybody is missing out on 33% of the basic curriculum. That’s not helping anybody’s game. Our advanced curriculum (blue belt and up) builds on your knowledge of the basics given in the basics classes. We are looking to add back the basics classes on Friday and Saturdays. This will drive a couple new developments:


A. New Basic BJJ Class: Christian has offered to teach a Saturday basics class at the same time as the advanced class (11am) on the blue mats, this would allow for all-ranks rolling at noon. This will start next Saturday on the 18th of April.


B. All Ranks Sparring Class: This will push the 11am thai boxing class to 10am. It will be a class open to ALL Thai boxing and Boxing students that focuses on sparring fundamentals, drills, and actual sparring.


C. Instructor Opportunity: We are looking for purple belts and up who are willing to teach a basics class on Fridays at 5pm and another no-gi class at some time during the week other than Wednesdays. If you are not a graduate of the VG coaches course, you must be willing to go through it – it is available online and can be done from anywhere. Teaching is a great chance to bring your game up, and really learn the material. It also allows you to build great friendships with those members you help bring to the next level.

no gi

D. MMA Practice is as follows:
Monday 8pm – Clinch/Cage/Ground work
Wednesday 8pm – Wrestling/Takedowns/Throws
Saturday 9:30 – Conditioning
Saturday 10am – Stand Up Sparring