Member Meetings – Schedule yours with Coach

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In 2018 we will be looking at moving to a new facility within a mile from where we are currently located. This is an exciting opportunity for the Vanguard Tribes to improve on what we have built over the last ten years. Over the next two months or so, I would like to take a few minutes with each and …

Visual Jiu-Jitsu Roadmap for Side Control

Douglas Esposito Coach's Corner

Coach Doug has decided to share Vanguard’s BJJ system for Visual Jiu Jitsu.  Check out his first installment of the Curriculum on The Manassas BJJ Page.  It combines video, written listing of techniques, and visual flow chart specifically for the Side-Control Bottom Position.  Here is the flow chart – click on it to check out the entire post outlining our overall approach …

Coach Doug Shares His Side Control Escapes Series with the World!

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Side Control Escapes – Scroll Down for Video        Don’t ever get stuck in side control again! Coach Doug details side control escapes from four different defensive postures of the side-control position: 1. Stone Squirrel Re-guard Bottom Single Leg Bump and Roll 2. Prayer Posture – hands in the Armpit Top Leg Single Elbow Push 3. Prayer Posture …

Some Changes in the BJJ Schedule

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, No-Gi, and MMA members: Starting September 14 the following changes in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu schedule will take place: A. Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm will be both Basic (blue mat with Coach Christian) and Advanced (red mat with Coach Doug) for an hour of technique and then a half-hour of rolling/drilling until 8:30pm. There will be open mat …

BJJ Curriculum and Adding Classes

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Vanguard Gym’s basic BJJ Curriculum is divided into three lessons a week. Ideally lesson one is taught on Monday and Tuesday, lesson two is taught on Wednesday and Thursday, and lesson three is taught on Friday and Saturday. In the past Friday and Saturday Basic BJJ classes have not been well attended so they have faded off the schedule. What …

Goal Setting Work Shop

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I have been talking with many of our members about motivation and hitting their goals and it seems like one of the problems many of you all share is the challenge of figuring out what you want your goals to be.  This is across the board, martial artists, CrossFitters, weightlifters, and figure competitors. I have been spending a lot of time …

Advanced BJJ Class back to GI

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    Starting tonight at 7pm, Advanced BJJ will be back in the gi.  We will be starting a new section of the advanced curriculum that deals with defending, countering, and transitioning through all of our basic game.  It’s a black belt approach to the basic curriculum that explores it from both sides, exploring more the connections and flow vs. …

Important Announcements

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I would like to thank everybody who came out to our Tribal Council and shared their vision for Vanguard Gym with me. Like I said in the meeting, you all are shareholders of this community, and I am here to try to make sure we are meeting your needs, and wants for accomplishing your goals.   As a result of …

January Events Contest

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We have three big “goings-on” coming up in January for Vanguard Gym/CrossFit Manassas. Instead of just blurting them out in my usual style, I’m going to make it fun and turn it into a “best-guess” contest. I’m going to post three photo hints below. Each will be associated with an event…. >>>Read More Here

How do I Get Sponsors?

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Its a question I get all the time: “How do I Get Sponsors, Coach?” Several athletes, coaches, and other businesses have approached me on the subject of sponsoring fighters and other sports competitors.  Here is an approach to help set you up for success. I will be speaking primarily to the athlete, but the coaches, managers, and potential sponsors should …