Promotions Week of August 14

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Congratulations to Matt Chow for taking and passing his blue tab test in Thai Boxing this Saturday. Matt showed his proficiency in striking attacks, footwork, and movement in a challenging test supervised by Coach Doug and Administered by Coach Aubry. He is now able to wear his blue tab on the front right leg of his shorts. Our ranking system …

Matt Neff to Blue Belt

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Congratulations to Matt!  It has been wonderful to see Matt’s confidence and skills grow over the last couple years!  Looking forward to many more!

Try Us For 30 Days

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$149 for a month of classes – Worried about that year-long contract? Try us out for a month and if we aren’t a good match for you you don’t have to stick around. Pick one program; Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Submission Grappling, Muay Thai Boxing, or CrossFit and try it out for a month. This offer is only for people who have …

Coach Leo Dalla Promotes Coach Doug to Third Degree Black Belt

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Last night at the 7pm class, Coach Leo Dalla (head coach at Premier Fight Center)made a special visit to Vanguard Gym to share some great techniques with all the jiujiteiros. We also had fellow Big Brothers black belts Jason Doucette (head instructor of Battlefield BJJ) and Bill Nagle (head instructor of Dominion BJJ) visit us with some of their students. …

2014 Vanguard Games

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2014 Vanguard Games 1. Non-Members must sign a waiver and can only participate in Event#4 2. Rx’d competitors from Event #1 can elect only two other events 3. Non-Rx’d competitors can do a max of two of the three events 2, 3, and 4. No Unattended Children under 12 at any times – Supervised kids activities will take place in …