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$149 for a month of classes – Worried about that year-long contract? Try us out for a month and if we aren’t a good match for you you don’t have to stick around. Pick one program; Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Submission Grappling, Muay Thai Boxing, or CrossFit and try it out for a month. This offer is only for people who have …

Coach Doug Shares His Side Control Escapes Series with the World!

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Side Control Escapes – Scroll Down for Video        Don’t ever get stuck in side control again! Coach Doug details side control escapes from four different defensive postures of the side-control position: 1. Stone Squirrel Re-guard Bottom Single Leg Bump and Roll 2. Prayer Posture – hands in the Armpit Top Leg Single Elbow Push 3. Prayer Posture …

The Challenge 2015

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The Challenge Overview & Structure We’re excited to introduce our Getting Healthy in 2015 Lifestyle Challenge. This year our challenge will have an overall focus on healthier living. You can log points using your Beyond the Whiteboard account from January 19th – March 2nd. If you need an account please send Coach Jenny an e-mail. You simply need to answer …

Vanguard Gym Accessories!

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Place your order for custom Sparring Gloves, Shin Pads, Headgear and Duffel Bag. You can purchase them individually or as part of the Package! Order NOW! Orders need to be in by Friday June 20th.

7 Reasons Why Your Child Should Practice Martial Arts

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This is a great article written on Breaking Muscle. Eric Stevens is an NSCA Certified Personal Trainer. He is the head trainer for Orangetheory Fitness and the boxing coach for the Denver Athletic Club as well as the coach for The Underground at Pura Vida. 7 Reasons Why Your Child Should Practice Martial Arts  

Confidence and Self-Esteem

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Confidence and Self Esteem Dealing with the challenges of Mixed Martial Arts and CrossFit helps people deal with the other things they find difficult in their lives. By learning to set and achieve personal goals in their training they are able to apply these skills to other areas of their life, which contributes to positive growth. Success is grown and …


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Self-Defense The ability to protect yourself and those around you in a worst-case situation is self-defense. That ability and more importantly, being able to make good decisions to keep you out of trouble are important to many of our participants. Adults and more importantly adults and children alike learn when violence is an acceptable last resort and to avoid conflict …


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Overall Fitness for a lifetime, Exercise, and Weight Control – less boring than running on a treadmill or lifting weights, many find the different regimens and varied techniques of Mixed Martial Arts more stimulating and challenging than standard weightlifting and cardio classes. They find the functional movements of CrossFit and the martial arts classes help them stay prepared for everyday …