The Challenge 2015

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The Challenge

Overview & Structure

We’re excited to introduce our Getting Healthy in 2015 Lifestyle Challenge. This year our challenge will have an overall focus on healthier living. You can log points using your Beyond the Whiteboard account from January 19th – March 2nd. If you need an account please send Coach Jenny an e-mail. You simply need to answer the Lifestyle Log questions via your Whiteboard page using the web or I-phone/Android app. The lifestyle challenge Leaderboard will update as athletes answer questions.

Yes Martial Arts folks, you can log your BJJ, Boxing, Wrestling or Thai Boxing classes using this program!

Throughout The Challenge you will be tracking your adherence to our nutrition guidelines, trying new recipes, learning, interacting with the community via Facebook and competing against your fellow Vanguard Gym/CrossFit Manassas community.

Cost: $20 Cash Only – pay at Front Desk by January 19th.

What You Get

Easy to use nutrition log– Keep you on track and accountable
6 week Accountability Program- Utilize the strength of a TEAM
Access to our “The Challenge” Facebook Page- where you can ask questions, share recipes, and continue to learn for the next 6 weeks!!
Before and After Picture– because seeing is believing and you’re going to be looking good for 2015!

Food Guidelines

1) Eat off of the Approved Foods List (click here)
2) Eat the Carbohydrates Post Workout ONLY. So, if you do CrossFit at 6pm eat your Carbs between 7pm and 9pm. If you do the 5pm BJJ class, eat your carbs between 6pm and 8pm. The main reason to consume carbs post-workout is to replenish the muscle glycogen that you burned during your workout. DO NOT CONSUME CARBS AT ANY OTHER TIMES. On days you do not come to the gym keep your carb intake to 50g – 100g.

Beyond The Whiteboard Survey

This is the honor system. Your total score is based on your answers to the daily survey. By entering into this challenge you are committing yourself to the honesty and integrity of your answers. This is our second time doing a challenge. The first one was a huge success and changed many peoples lives. Let’s make this one even better. Everyday you will open up your BTWB app or log in on your computer. You will see a “Lifestyle Log” section. When you click on it there will be 6 questions that you will answer for the previous day: Sleep. water, mobility, diet, fish oil, mood.

Beyond the WhiteboardIf you ate perfectly you select “good” if you ate only foods on the Approved Foods List (select “Paleo” or “Zone” only if that is what you’re doing). If you freaked out and ate pizza or doughnuts then you select “bad.”

No one is going to be perfect everyday for 6 weeks, the idea is that the more “good” days you have over the next 6 weeks the better your score will be.

We are encouraging you all to log your meals on BTWB! To do this, select the “log” option on the bottom menu bar of your app then select “meal” at the bottom of the next page. There you will select the meal you’re logging; breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc., the time you ate, whether you ate in or ate out, cheat, paleo or zone (of applicable) and last, but not least, you will write a quick description of what you ate in the “notes” section. Example: 2 egg whites and 1/2 c. oats for breakfast. Your detailed meal logging will be a big determinate on who wins this thing. We’re awarding an additional 5 extra credit points for every one who logs every meal, every day of this challenge.

The score will be determined by your entries on Beyond the Whiteboard’s Lifestyle Log. Plus the 5 points if you adhere to the above. This will be awarded at the end of the 6 weeks.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids (specifically EPA and DHA). The ratio of omega-3 fatty acids to omega-6 fatty acidss is important to the function of a variety of hormonal and cellular processes in the body–including a lot of things having to do with insulin response, inflammation, blood cholesterol management, immune-system, cardiovascular, and neurological function, etc.

It is widely accepted that, unless you supplement with omega-3s, most western cultures get way too many omega-6s and not enough omega-3s. Fish oil is an easy–and relatively inexpensive–way to help restore the balance.

In short, it’ll help you lose weight, control cholesterol & blood pressure, regulate hormone levels, and generally stay healthier.

No Soda. Carbonated water is allowed. You are allowed 2 alcoholic beverages per week. (i.e. 4oz of wine,  12oz beer, 1oz shot). 100% vegetable juice is permitted.

Salt free seasonings, salsa (sugar-free), herbs, lemon/lime juice, apple cider/sugar free basaltic vinegars, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), garlic and mustard (make sure the label doesn’t have anything weird i.e., mustard seed and vinegar or water, lemon juice, etc.)

Winners and Rankings:
We are keeping it simple here… the individuals with the most points at the end of The Challenge wins. 1st place receives 50% of the prize money. 2nd place receives 30% of the prize money and 3rd place will receive 20% of the prize money.

Have a coach take 3 photos of you by the end of week 1! These should be taken from the front, back, and right side (profile). Men: Shorts, no shirt. Think, compression sorts, swim trunks. Ladies: Bathing Suit, Sports bra and shorts. Everyone should be going for ‘high speed, no drag’ when it comes to the clothing choices. You will need the same clothes for the ‘after shots’. YES, they must be the EXACT same clothes, try to keep everything about the photos the same. We need this to be fair. The photos will be kept private (unless authorization for use is given in writing) and only used in before and after comparisons.

Getting Started on Your Nutrition Challenge

So, you’ve read this far and you’re ready to get started! Start by setting a GOAL. This is the true secret to transformation! It is the most important step of your entire journey. Start your challenge by setting one goal for yourself to keep. Then see a staff member at the front desk to register!!!