Fat Verses Muscle

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fat vs muscle

Fat Verses Muscle

Did you know you can actually gain weight while burning fat and getting in better shape?

People who start an exercise regimen that includes strength training often get discouraged because the scale tells them they are getting heavier.

Muscle is 18% denser than fat, so it is very easy to gain weight as you build muscle and burn fat!
Some more accurate indicators of fitness and fat loss are:
How your clothes fit – Are your pants getting looser?
Performance – are you able to exercise longer or lift more weights?
Body composition testing – have you heard of the “BodPod”?

If you want to keep track of your body composition with any accuracy the Bod Pod is the way to go – we will have them out at Vanguard Gym again on October 7th – Call to schedule your test time – 703 330 1126

If you are one of our members who have been tested with the bodpod before, leave a comment to tell others about your experience and the usefulness of the experience.

This is a great video to get you acquainted with how the BodPod works: