Goal Setting Work Shop

Douglas Esposito Coach's Corner, News


I have been talking with many of our members about motivation and hitting their goals and it seems like one of the problems many of you all share is the challenge of figuring out what you want your goals to be.  This is across the board, martial artists, CrossFitters, weightlifters, and figure competitors.

I have been spending a lot of time thinking about this since it is of the highest priority for us at Vanguard Gym to help you with your goals…identifying, setting, reaching, and surpassing your goals.

To this end we will be holding a goal setting work shop on the 4th of April from 2pm until 4pm.  Less than half of the workshop will be lecture and the majority will focus on breakout groups to work together and build a support community based on your different shared goals.

During the workshop:

– We will identify the different Goal Setting Areas in your life, and you will establish goals for each of them.

– We will develop a Goal Setting Process for you to use in all of the goal setting areas.

– We will identify which goals you need help with, and which ones are solely your responsibility.

– We will share tools which will help you keep track of your goal setting process.

– We will work with the coaches to help identify concrete Action Steps to move you ever closer to your goals.

– We will match up accountability partners and identify potential accountability coaches to assist you with all of your action steps.

For non-members this will be $99, but we will offer it to Vanguard Gym/CrossFit Manassas members for no charge.  You will need to register for it, and it will be capped at 24 people.

Click Here to Register and Save Your Space I look forward to improving our process for helping you identify, set, reach, and exceed your goals!