Important Announcements

Douglas Esposito Coach's Corner, News


I would like to thank everybody who came out to our Tribal Council and shared their vision for Vanguard Gym with me. Like I said in the meeting, you all are shareholders of this community, and I am here to try to make sure we are meeting your needs, and wants for accomplishing your goals.


As a result of everybody’s input, I have carefully balanced schedule, coaching, budget, availability, and urgency of need to make the following changes:

A.  Heavy Bags – you will notice there are now twice as many heavy bags available as well as some tear drop bags going back up as well. We are keeping the tear drop bags by the cage as it is easy to push them over and back to be out of the way during MMA practice.

B.  Kids’ Wrestling Class becoming a Kids’ Thai boxing class – Tuesday and Thursday at 5:45 will now become a kids Thai Boxing class. This will start as of Feb 24th. Kids can try out the class a couple times without gear, but if they decide to keep doing it they will need gloves, shin pads, hand wraps, and mouthpiece. We sell a kit with all the required safety gear in the pro shop for $89.99. We will be doing a T-Shirt based ranking system, but until those are finished, the kids can wear any t-shirt and shorts to class.

C.  Kids’ competition team practice on Saturdays is cancelled effective immediately.

D.  As of February 16th Advanced BJJ will now be Mondays at 7pm and Saturdays at 11am. Saturday 12 noon will be all ranks open mat until 1:30 pm starting the 21st.

E.  Starting Feb 18th All ranks No Gi class will be Wednesdays at 7pm, followed by MMA practice and no-gi open mat at 8pm. If no-gi class on Wednesdays goes well, we will look at the possibility of adding another no-gi class at 6:30 pm on Fridays.

F.  Self-Defense/Knife/Stick/Firearms courses: Starting in April I will do these on a seminar basis, where we do five or six week blocks, one day a week. There will be an additional charge, as we will be adding the time to the schedule, probably on Saturdays or Sundays. Please e-mail me to get on the distribution list for theses courses; they will be limited to 12 people. These will be open to spouses, friends, CrossFitters, etc.

G.  We will be implementing a Thai Boxing ranking system for kids and adults denoted by T-shirts. Give us a little time to get it set up and we will publish the requirements and testing times.

H.  Patches on gis: they are required on all blue belts and above in class, and on all ranks gis you wear in competition. Similarly, if you are competing in no-gi at any rank, you need to have a Vanguard Gym rash guard with our BJJ logo on the back. Friday open mat will be the only time blue belts and above can wear a gi without patches if you need to break in a gi, or roll in it to see if it fits before you put the patches on.

I will be reaching out to individuals to talk about questions or issues you might have had personally based on your feedback. Again, thank you for your time and candid feedback. I look forward to continue to making Vanguard Gym the best place to train in the world, and the happiest place in Virginia.