Mobility and Endurance Goals

Douglas Esposito Coach's Corner

PART V of VII – Mobility and Endurance Goals

V. Mobility


If all of our classes were an hour and a half long I could be sure you were all getting enough mobility work. Honestly though, the big part of mobility comes down to the work you do as an individual. We always fit some in at the beginning of class as part of your warm-up, but some people need more.

At some point I know David would like to have a mobility/yoga class, but working that into the schedule, and having space for it will be a challenge. You are always welcome to come in a little early or stay a little late to work on specifics, but really, if you have a foam roller and a lacrosse ball at home you are well equipped to work on your mobility goats at home.

Kelly Starrett has a ton of youtube videos (he also has a pay site) that will cover techniques for working on your personal problem areas, and also a really good book called “The Supple Leopard” which you can find on Amazon.

VI. Endurance


If your idea of endurance is running a 5K without stopping, or bringing your 5K row or three-mile run time down, then our programming is sufficient to get you there. If this is at the top of your goal list then you should not be missing Sundays or Thursdays workouts, and you should be hitting another 2-3 workouts a week. There is no substitute for working out 4-5 days a week, its as simple as that. Just get yourself through the front door here and we will do the rest.

Keep things in perspective, and take things in small manageable steps. When you first start, a good goal may consist of “not having to walk during a 400m run”. Then make the goal “no walking during an 800, 1200”, and so on. Once you can do that then start paying attention to your times and slowly work on improving those. FOCUS ON IMPROVING JUST 1% A DAY, and those add up. Accept that you will have setbacks sometimes. Look at them at opportunities to work on your technique or other areas.

If you are working on a longer distance goal then I would refer you back to my post on Competition or Event Preparation, do some back-planning, and talk to coach.