My Story – Thai Boxing at Vanguard Gym – Matt

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“This is something I actually wanted try for a while but never brought myself to sign up, I only wish I’d done it sooner.
Usually I would be the guy in the back of the room who wouldn’t say a word unless asked to. I have had trouble interacting with new people I don’t know. Since participating at Vanguard Gym I felt more confident in myself when entering a new place or situation.
I currently attend ODU, going into my senior year and in the past three years of attending there I have been trying to get into the habit of getting in shape at the campus gym whenever I can to see if improving my health would assist in improving my self-esteem. As cliché as that sounds that is my honest answer, thinking I would then be interacting with new people that might be doing it for the same reasons when there.
I’ve tried out a couple of martial arts since I was little and during my first two years at ODU, some of which were either offered as an after school activity or even as a class. I attended a short Tai Kwon Do workshop at my school with a friend. I attended for a good two months and I enjoyed it. The instructor however noticed that when practicing a kick technique I made it a bad habit of not fully extending my leg sometimes and ended up using my knees. The instructor asked me if I ever thought about experimenting with Muay Thai.
I had to actually think about it and wonder “ ….what is that actually lol?..” Unfortunately, my school did not offer any clubs or courses that taught this particular martial art, so I ended up just reading about the art on the internet for a few weeks to learn more about it until the summer kicked in. After reading up on it I felt even more drawn to practicing it.
As my junior year ended, I searched for any martial arts gyms that taught Muay Thai and I was lucky enough to live near this awesome gym being Vanguard Gym. I regret not finding this gym earlier and since the first Muay Thai class, I have been enjoying the heck out of it!”
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