Personal Training

Personal Training / Private Instruction

Would you like to work on specific skills such as Olympic Weightlifting, Power Lifting, Mobility, or any other areas you feel need special attention? Are you preparing for a specific event where you need individualized, specific programming to achieve your goals? Do you have significant physical limitations which require very specific scaling and attention in developing your workout program? Do you just need the extra accountability and attention to feel safe and know you are doing things well? Whether it is a single session of Private Coaching on specific techniques, a long term personal training coach, or a twelve-week program for a specific event, we can help you reach your fitness goals.

Personal Training/Private Instruction is an amazing way to get a jump-start on the technical moves, build your confidence to join the group classes, work around a specific physical challenge, or prepare for a specific athletic challenge.

Personal Training/Private Lessons

20 Pack

10 Pack

Single Lesson

Want to sit down, discuss your goals, and decide what way forward is best for you with the guidance of one of our professional coaches? No-pressure, no hassle, no sweat; just great advice to help get you started on your journey.

No Sweat Intro

Get started for $19.99. This includes 3 classes. These classes are a great way for you to experience our great community, learn from our experienced coaches, as well as experience how classes function. Click below to sign up now!

Three Class Trial

Our “How to Choose” page is full of helpful details. However, if you’ve scoured our website and can’t find the information you are looking for please call us at 703 330 1126 or click below to e-mail us for answers.

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