Promotions Week of August 14

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Congratulations to Matt Chow for taking and passing his blue tab test in Thai Boxing this Saturday. Matt showed his proficiency in striking attacks, footwork, and movement in a challenging test supervised by Coach Doug and Administered by Coach Aubry. He is now able to wear his blue tab on the front right leg of his shorts.

Our ranking system for our Thai Boxing program has child and adult levels, just like our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Program.

Kids have white, grey, yellow, orange, and green belts. They can also wear the corresponding tab on their uniform shorts on the bottom of the front leg.

Adults have blue, purple, brown, and red tabs. In addition, those that have fought in sanctioned Thai Boxing matches also can wear the American flag on the outside of their right leg on their uniform shorts. There are also Instructor and Master Instructor Rankings available for experienced red tab students who want to give back to the art and their teammates by coaching.

Requirements for ranking include attendance, consistency, technical proficiency, giving back to the team, and coach’s discretion.

Congratulations to Jared and Jessie, who both received stripes on their white belts in BJJ. Watch out for these two, they are very tough and as their technical games grow, they are going to be beasts on the mat!