Vanguard Gym Crest / Coat of Arms

Vanguard Gym, Coat of Arms


“The origins of heraldry lie in the need to distinguish participants in combat when their faces were hidden by iron and steel helmets. In the middle ages and the renaissance heraldry became a highly developed discipline, regulated by professional officers of arms. As its use in jousting became obsolete, coats of arms remained popular for visually identifying a person in other ways — impressed in sealing wax on documents, carved on family tombs, and flown as a banner on country homes.

The coat of arms became hereditary just as a knight inherited the right to lead or the duty to follow another leader in battle.” – from Wikipedia

The Vanguard Gym crest represents the values we share at the gym and try to exemplify in our daily lives. It provides a visual reminder and shared sense of identity for members of the team. There is nothing imaginary or fanciful in our values or coat of arms. Everything is immediately recognizable and present in our everyday practice and values.

At the top is a pair of wings, which represent swiftness and protection

The helmet, depicted on the shield, denotes wisdom and security in defense; strength, protection, and invulnerability.

Our shield is not divided. It is united by teamwork. Iron sharpens on iron, man sharpens on man. There is no ego in our training, we support and trust in each other to prepare our team for battle.

The gauntlet holding the small serpent represents the leadership and wisdom that we develop to conquer fears that we might have or develop in the performance of our martial enterprise or daily lives.

The Bear represents our physical strength, mental cunning, and ability for ferocity and tenacity developed through training harder and smarter than those who would compete with us.

The Griffin (Head, wings, and talons of an eagle with the body of a lion) denotes valor and death-defying bravery; vigilance in upholding our values and supporting the team.

The Bow and Arrow represent a readiness for battle or any challenges and opportunities that life may bring us.

The Ivy Leaves and Vine represent the strong and lasting friendships that are formed by training, sweating, and fighting together.

The Elephant represents our great strength, wit, longevity, happiness, royalty, good luck, and ambition as a team.

higgins vanguard mascotOur Mascot

Our Mascot is an English Mastiff.
The Mastiff represents courage, vigilance, and loyalty.

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