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Growth through challenge in a safe, mutually supportive environment, We Make Self-Improvement a Team Sport.

VANGUARD GYM MISSION (how we accomplish the purpose)

We strive to be integral with our member’s ability to Establish, Achieve, and Exceed goals. We build our foundation on a steadfast team ethos and culture. We attempt to ensure our members are challenged by themselves, their teammates, and our program, with an uncompromising eye towards safety. We always seek ways to improve ourselves and our program.


I. CHALLENGE – We will Challenge ourselves and each other in order to find and grow past our current limitations. We relentlessly pursue excellence in our professional and personal lives. We dedicate ourselves to improving everyday.

II. We believe in dedication to our ideals and team, consistently striving for excellence through an intelligent approach and hard work, and having the discipline to achieve our goals without wavering.

III. We will abide no egos – We are patient with each other always and strive at every turn to eradicate any ego in training or in our daily lives. We humble ourselves by being a great teammate on and off the mat. This shows our dedication and loyalty to each other. Our camaraderie and cohesion is self-evident in the way we make ourselves available to assist in the pursuit of each others objectives.

IV. Accountability – We take responsibility for our own actions and hold each other accountable to our values. We lead by example and never expect anybody to do anything that we are not willing to do as well.

V. Motivation – We always seek ways to motivate others and ourselves through positive means. We exercise tact and seek to be as effective a communicator as possible. Positivity breeds positivity and negativity breeds negativity.

VI. Trust – We show our respect for each other and garner each others trust by making sure our words match our actions. Our code of honor only allows us to say what we would to each others faces.

VII. We Share Knowledge Openly – We constantly ask of ourselves, “What have I done to make the team better today?” We seek to be The Eternal Student.

Vanguard Gym Athletes’ Bill of Rights
At Vanguard Gym you have the:

Right to participate at a level commensurate with your abilities.
Right to have qualified knowledgeable coaching to develop your abilities.
Right to participate in, and contribute to, a healthy and safe environment.
Right to proper preparation for participation in class activities.
Right to pursue success in your goals.
Right to interact in an environment where everybody is treated with dignity and respect.
Right to have fun.

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