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“Growing up, I never had a weight issue. I played sports year-round, so I stayed pretty trim. After college, my first real job had me on the road 80% of the time; I never noticed the pounds packing on. I met my now wife, and I continued to get bigger. My doc started to talk to me about pre-diabetes, but I was still in denial of the weight. Shortly after we had our son in October 2012, we had family photos taken. There were photos of me from the side, and I was horrified by what I saw: my stomach was large and hung over my pants. I decided to set a New Years resolution to get healthy for my son. I wanted to see him grow up, and I wanted to be able to run around with him.

In February of 2013, I started “The 17 Day Diet”. It is very strict, and my wife says I was a bear of a grump for the first several months. I was very strict about the diet and didn’t stray for the first year. After then, we used what we learned from the diet and prepared our own meal plans. Portion control and healthy foods became our new life.

We had gone to see Operation Octagon fights right before our son was born, and I was interested in starting jiu jitsu as well. My wife worked with someone that trained at Vanguard Gym, so we went to check it out in March. We got there after hours and were greeted at the door by two huge dogs. We checked the hours on the door and came back a few days later after work. The dogs weren’t barking this time, and were very interested in licking my son instead. I took a tour and decided to do the three-session trial. I started at the gym in April for the trial, and I never stopped going.

By Christmas of 2013, I had lost 85 pounds. By the end of the next year, I lost another 30. I went from having to shop at Big and Tall to Banana Republic, from squeezing into 44″ pants to having room in 34″. Vanguard Gym helped me further my journey and get healthy for my son. Vanguard has become part of my family. My wife brings our son to watch my practice and roll. It has also taught me patience and has given me an outlet from the stresses of everyday life. A good night on the mats makes all the problems of a tough day at the office disappear. Vanguard has become such a part of our life that my wife now does Crossfit there as well. My family is in it for the long haul. Vanguard Gym, learning how to eat right, and a lot of hard work has helped me to lose 110 pounds and become a more patient and caring man.”

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