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“My whole life before joining Vanguard, I noticed that I have never allowed myself to be truly challenged. By challenge I mean, something causing me to give it my 100% attention and effort.

When I graduated both high school and college I graduated at the top of my class with many different honors and awards. However at every graduation I remember thinking that I played it too safe and didn’t push my limits. Bored with the same routine in the professional world of working eight hours a day I wanted to do something different.

Thirsty for something stimulating, martial arts caught my attention as I watched a UFC fight with a friend. I thought I could never become like any of the fighters I was watching but my friend encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone. I researched for many days for different gyms that would train me to be able to fight and defend myself like in the previous UFC fight I had saw.

In my search online I found Vanguard Gym. I immediately took a tour and signed up for the trial classes. After my trial I joyfully became a member at Vanguard. I found that Thai boxing would be a challenge for me. There are no short-cuts to become better. The only way I can become a good Thai Boxer is to constantly practice and train.

Being at Vanguard I have found that it has helped my confidence because I did something that was outside the box for me. This new found confidence spreads to my everyday life in my professional work life and personal life. Instead of running away from things that could challenge me, I now embrace it.

The support and encouragement I receive from my coaches and fellow thai boxers drives me to discipline myself to keep trying harder and push my limitations. I have only been a member at Vanguard for a short time, but in that short time it has made a long lasting impact on my life.”

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