Why I Train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Vanguard Gym – Greg

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“Since starting Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Vanguard in December of 2011, I have lived in Iowa, Illinois and Virginia. My family moved to Gainesville from Illinois while I was an undergraduate so I did not know too many people in the area. With a few months of (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) BJJ under my white belt, I decided to give Vanguard Gym a try. What stuck with me the most was the atmosphere. The coaches care about helping everyone reach their goals, whether that goal is competition, fitness, weight loss or just to have fun.

My sights have been set on medical school for quite some time and Vanguard Gym and BJJ have played a huge role in helping me reach that goal. Every time I step on the mat everything else takes a backseat. The only thing my mind has room for during that time is the challenge of BJJ. It’s almost like hitting a reset button on my stressors, no matter the type of day it has been I walk out of the gym, relaxed and exhausted, feeling like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and knowing that I just had an excellent workout.

Not only does BJJ help me to relax, it gives me confidence in tough situations. I spent the past year working in a psychiatric hospital and as you can imagine, patients there can be unpredictable and sometimes violent. The skills that I have learned through Vanguard gave me the ability to keep calm during confrontation as well as quickly intervene on the rare occasion that a patient got out of hand.

Coach Doug and the rest of the Vanguard staff have truly created the happiest place in Manassas. Everyone is laid back and willing to help out with any questions that come up. Everyone is accepted and welcomed into the family whether they have been training for ten years or it is their first day. I think that the outlet Vanguard gym has provided is one of the driving forces behind my acceptance to medical school (and maintaining my sanity through the process). I know that every time I come back to Virginia I will have a home where I can train.”

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