Why I Workout at Vanguard Gym – Brian

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“I was always a skinny kid that could eat whatever I wanted and get away with it. I played basketball five to six times a week for several hours each time and would never gain a pound. After I graduated from college I was still able to play basketball, but didn’t have the same amount of time available to me due to work and other responsibilities. I noticed that I was starting to put on weight, but I wouldn’t have considered myself overweight.
After years of sitting behind a desk, getting married and having kids I went from 185 pounds in college to almost 250 pounds. My son had been training Brazilian jiu-jitsu at Vanguard Gym for a year and I wanted my daughter to start training. She made me promise that if she started jiu-jitsu then I would have to start training. She was at Vanguard Gym for a month before she called me on that promise and I had to hold up my end of the deal.
I started training in May 2013 and fell in love with jiu-jitsu. From May 2013 to December 2013 I noticed that I lost some of the weight that I had gained over all of those years of inactivity. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt and decided to get serious about losing more weight. I decided to set a goal of competing in 2014 to give me even more motivation. I changed my diet from pizza, hamburgers and other junk food to lean meats, vegetables and healthier choices with a cheat day on Saturday’s. In December 2014 I competed and at the weigh in, I weighed 182 pounds. At the age of 41, I was close to the best shape of my life and had not looked as slim as I did since college.
Now I maintain a weight of 195 pounds and feel great. I have so much more energy, strength and endurance. I don’t tire like I used to when I’m playing with my kids and I am overall a happier person. My wife has also become a member at Vanguard (Crossfit) and the gym has become part of our family and our weekly routine. We want our children to see us as healthy role models so when they get to be our age they will hopefully be healthy adults. Vanguard, my teammates and jiu-jitsu have changed my life in a very positive manner and I plan on continuing on this journey for the rest of my life.”
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